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Been a shit day in general though Highlander's not been so good for years.


Crab Attack


This is where I was planning on going after Bioshock's Big Daddy. One of The Oannes Society from my favourite B.P.R.D story so far. Not a diver, deep sea or otherwise but a two hundred year old fanatic preserved in a victorian can/robot.


Demented Divers continued.

This wasn't my next planned stop on this train of thought but having typed 'demented divers' this morning I remembered Amsterdamned. A film about a demented frogman gruesomely sneaking around the canals of the city, seen here sneaking into a restaurant kitchen to slash a chef.

It saved me an expensive shopping trip for wine and Bioshock but we did go out and buy a big crab.


I have never played Bioshock, always fancied it but daren't spend any time on video games as I could end up losing those precious hours earmarked for drawing and wine. I do love a good undersea realm though. And a good Demented Diver (see Captain Cutler below) So I thought i'd give this guy a try. Not the Big Daddy I know but great looking menace.

In pen found under one of the nippers beds while insisting they tidy up. Coloured in Pshop.



Captain Cutler and Pshop diversions

I found John Struan's Superpunch blog after it directed a mass of visits to the Evolution of Michael Jackson picture I did. I since did this here Cutler as an entry to his Villains of Scooby Doo competion.

There have been several occasions in the past where mucking about in a cackhanded fashion in Pshop has had some interesting results and i'm forever planning to have a look at this business of using the 'cut outs' that layer my these colour images and lose the line that draws them. I entered my Cpt Cutler pic and also this version, which is nice.

Pretty menacing I think.


All you need is Love

So I had a load of stuff to do but ended up defrosting the freezer today. While putting this guy on his ice flow, The Girl (age 6) pointed out that the picture went with the song that was on at the time, quite right.



From a drawing found in a ten year old sketchbook, coloured just now while procrastinating about which drawing job to actually get on with.


I love these guys.

Great to draw, fun for free!



So me and the nippers sat down this morning to make paper toys but it turned out badly and we got the paints out and made a mess.



Paddock Panic

From a 3 year old moleskin.


Flippant follow up.

After the drama of the previous post this is a bit of a flippant follow up. What The Captain hasn't yet realised it that it's jelly on top of ice cream on top of sponge cake.

Sadly, things will not go well for the survivors of Lark7 on Mellboron (thanks John), though not til i've worn down my 'work to do pile'.


'Damn this interminable jelly'

I'm really not sure what I was thinking, any suggestions?


Blog Life

The world of blogs is a grand place. I am currently under the weight of day jobs, kids birthdays, projects on the go and, on occasion, drawing for money. However, great opportunities arise to join i with some grand ventures. Draw Serge must be visited often (i'm in there a month or two ago)

Mentioned earlier here, is Coops ode to Frankenstein's monster blog where I converted my original drawing to inking over a colour printout, maybe an ideal solution to my colour fears.

Exdrawminate is a Dalek loving celebration presented by Darryl Cunningham. His Psychiatric Tales are superb and The Streets of San Diabolo is a brand new favourite.

My 'Dalek Cow and Pups' may not have lent much to this great endevour.

Finally the opportunity to win one of Darwyn Cooke's hardcover copies of The Hunter (it would be great to get one, i'll buy it most likely) I joined in at Calum Johnston's blog.

Blog life is grand, check out as many as possible, starting with those here and on my link list.


2006 sketchbook. Just plain messing.

An old sketch from Regiment Rex. Possibly the longest and slowest submission in the making. First draught committed to sketchbooks ten years prior to this drawing. Before day jobs, kids, pets and a beard.