Grappler Gallery.

Look at these beauties! Everybody does love a good wrestling picture. Check out their respective links too! Thanks loads chaps for letting me post them. (Pictures in the post for those who wanted them)

Jonathan Edwards

Fred Blunt

Jorge Gutierrez

Louis Roskosch

John Hoffman


Sam Hearn

David O'Connell

Dave Shelton

Dan McDaid

Chris Garbutt

I've had a great month and plenty of stuff turned up that didn't get finished to use which will be handy for future Wrestle City posts, hope you enjoyed it all.


Wrestling Wromance (The Full Heartbreak)

The roots of all Wrestle City started sometime in 2004 with this idea, a storyboard? comic? I updated it but in a flippin rush.
The Cars 'My Best Friend's Girl' should be on in the background.



It's all nearly over and i'll be back to drawing The Usual. Importantly, the Gripper Gallery grows and has some beauties. It'll go up this time tomorrow, anyone wants to do one still can get a 'post art' if I can find it (not guaranteed to be free of coffee cup rings, cat footprints or have part of another picture drawn on the other end of the page)


Bribe for wrestlers.

I had not expected to actually do so many posts for this month, I thought i'd get away with the same number as usual but find that any missed days are annoying. Trouble is i'm flippin' busy.

I suggested that anyone might send their wrestle city citizen to post in a grand gallery at the end of the month. I've had a couple of crackers but not many. Anyone sending a wrestler for the show can bagsy the pencil artwork of their favourite post (or next favorite etc) and i'll send it to 'em. Anyone sent a wrestler already can put dibs on one rightaway!

Be warned, they are likely to be all or part of the finished artwork and will be pencil on layout pad or printer paper, so easy to mail at least.

Aside from that, The Comic in The Guardian finishes tomorrow, commisaratory post next week.

I realised this was the 300th post so I ought to stick a picture on it. Still busy.


Crab vs Octopus

At Wrestle City Aquarium (School trip)


I'm not sure I can help myself.

Wrestling Star Wars again. I couldn't even wait to redraw it.




Having recently had another birthday, I found I had some money that didn't need to be spent on bills or wine so I bought Killing Girl, Sparrow 10 and Walking Dead 9. Here's the parcel they arrived in.



Dan McDaid's robot luchador (and Last Minuter). He suggested I do an interpretation and here he is.


The Bombs dine out.

'Benny The Bomb' was handsome and successful in his youth before the years and the wrestling aged him. His son 'Bernie The Bomb' never had his fathers good looks and was still further moulded by grappling and bruising. Bernies mum 'Daphne Damage' however, suffered the greater indignity of simply being poorly drawn. Sorry Daph.

Flag Day No. 8. Mexico

The country that brings the razzle-dazzle to wrestling have wrestling animals on their flag. Apologies for adding the mask on the eagle.

GA say that most of my blog's Mexican visits come from Guadalahara, Hola!


Jersey Gods #2 (out last week)

Inky Phil works a masterpiece on McMinty.

Should've got this done sooner, Jersey Gods #2 is out and rocks as much as issue #1. Fantastic stuff! and i'm extremely happy that they've included a pin up in it that I did. Thanks chaps.


Pushme Pullyou

Who knows how this turns out.


New Post post and Star Wars again.

I normally dislike the postman as he brings us bills, today he's in my Great and Good books as he delivered a parcel from pal and blogfather, Mark Cardwell. It contained The Wrestling by Simon Garfield which looks like an utterly fantastic childhood shattering account of the wrestling I grew up loving on saturday morning telly as a nipper. I never remember Jimmy 'Fix it' Savile being a wrestler? (though lost his first 37 fights apparently)

Thanks Mark.

Also, I couldn't help but continue dreaming of a Star Wars wrestling movie, normal service should resume.


MM#3 Wrestlers wanted

Here's a bunch done in stolen moments as i've enjoyed a busy weekend.

Do a wrestler . . .

. . . if anyone wants to send a jpeg of a wrestler I could post them up toward the end of the month when ideas may get a bit thin. (See over, right)

Though there will be a proper Wrestle City Story before the end of this week.


The Dapper Luchador . . .

. . . . dashing in his Tintin three piece.


Flag Day No. 7 Great Britain

British Wrestlings 'Big Daddy' wearing his signature Union Flag leotard and performing his famous/ infamous 'Splash'

Five and a half thousand visits from GB according to GA! Flippin Heck!


Jack the Gripper's off to bed.

After another long day reminiscing, Jack the Gripper (Multiple World Champion and inventor of the 'Wellington Handlebar' hold) takes himself off to bed to dream of The Glory Days.


Moonlight Suplex

Jumpin' Jack Splash performs a Suplex on Betty Bruise.


Pinch and a Punch . . . .

. . . the first post of the Wrestle City month.

A punch and a drop kick for being so quick. I got up an hour and a half ago to get this done. Must get more organised.