Bribe for wrestlers.

I had not expected to actually do so many posts for this month, I thought i'd get away with the same number as usual but find that any missed days are annoying. Trouble is i'm flippin' busy.

I suggested that anyone might send their wrestle city citizen to post in a grand gallery at the end of the month. I've had a couple of crackers but not many. Anyone sending a wrestler for the show can bagsy the pencil artwork of their favourite post (or next favorite etc) and i'll send it to 'em. Anyone sent a wrestler already can put dibs on one rightaway!

Be warned, they are likely to be all or part of the finished artwork and will be pencil on layout pad or printer paper, so easy to mail at least.

Aside from that, The Comic in The Guardian finishes tomorrow, commisaratory post next week.

I realised this was the 300th post so I ought to stick a picture on it. Still busy.


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