Pump(kin) Action

From last year and this year.

Halloween Repeats

The Cauldron again, but in order rather than the wrong way around if i'd linked to it.

Please excuse the repeat.


Having been almighty busy of late I did not get to doing the 'Halloween' story I was planning this year. And having tackled a self imposed Deadline Bootcamp plus Half Term family trip, I still did not get a thorough All Hallows post together. This is a Cornish ghost that I drew in the car on the way home today (Mrs Warwick was driving)


'How to' or 'Process Post'

I do love a 'Process' post, tried one once. Here's another go, but in real time. This is a rough in a A6 sketchbook done weeks ago, step 2, one day.



Trumpet Sound!

An elephant in Lightning Season. Dps in my A6 Moley (while at work)


More Nuns'n'Guns and a Loose Canon

Following hi jinx last week initiated by Lawless, Jonathan-E did a wonderful Loose Canon, who is here (smaller than he should be so give him a click). But what is his relationship is to The Nun with Two Guns? Partner? Boss? Nemesis?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world Monkeyfeather brought out the big guns with a real uzi packin' Sister.


Shaun of the Dead Warm-Up

Missed the deadline for observer graphic novel competition for a second time this year. After a weekend of work I couldn't manage 4 full pages overnight then take them by hand to the Big Bad City today. But i've now reviewed my ramshackle work ethic and timetable for the better. So, here's a warm up, now onto the drawing.
And i'll stick that new 4 pager at the end of my 'to do' list.

Pipe Dream




Today has been a TOTAL failure. For no particular reason. At least 4 'must do' jobs didn't get 'do'd' but to make amends i'll still post. A rough A3 sketchbook page. Perhaps not a great view but the best available today.


Assorted Bastards

While I continue to wrap up The British Knights Part 1 I thought I could share some of villainous characters involved.


I have more important things to do . . .

. . . . but needed to 'exorcise' this idea, even if it's in a rough and slapdash way.


Hellboy vs Koschei

The fantastic Mr H and the formidable and great Mr K, smash the hell out of each other in about the only 'new' image I put in my portfolio (that I took to Birminghan last week).



The last thing I bought before a panic race for the train were the remaining Criminal trades which I got for a song from Sean Phillips. And signed.
Cracking hard boiled stuff! Needless to say I haven't done it justice.

Just as well this is the last of the BICS bits.

Continued BICS report/fan art.

This weeks fan art posts have kept the blog going along while am finishing my contribution to the Birdsong/Songbird anthology. The Big Chiefs of the production shared a busy looking table at BICS. Will Kirkby's character is the old fella in the hat who appears in his Birdsong strip and Lou Ho/ Naniiebim's is the character from her Mephistos books. I wanted to do one of the characters from her Birdsong strip but there are only a couple in it and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.


The Yo-Yo's vs The Infected

I got to the Eclectic Micks table on sunday to say hello! I got an EM sketchbook of the guys and a copy of 28 Days Later off Declan Shalvey, unfortunately not a sketch which I'm regretting now. I also got to congratulate PJ Holden (again without a sketch) for his part in the fantastic Sunnyside Comics Podcast which he shares with Scott Ferguson and Ron Abernethy. It's a cracking one stop shop for all things Comics, PJ, Magic and Kays catalogue abuse.
Yo-Yo and Kid Yo-Yo (my attempt at characters invented by PJ Holden at 10 yrs of age) tackle one of The Infected (without the need for trees!)


Tom Tom The Robot Man

Paul Grist did a cracking sketch of his Tom Tom character for me but, well, I did this one. Not easy to find Jack Staff stuff on the web in a hurry.


Turtle Flute Guy

The first thing I actually bought at the British International Comic Show (after coffee) was Freak Leap by Joe List. And it was a proper treat. I could have done a Ronald Skull or the Barbecue Whale but I went with the Turtle Flute Guy.


Meanwhile back at BICS, Sarah McIntyre launched Morris the Mankiest Monster. It's a great book with a great mucky monster. Her table was a hub of kids and artists and tired parents and frantic cutting and sticking, in a contest to make a monster to win a copy of the book. From the results I saw the hardest job was going to be the judging. I brought a load of monster parts home but drew this one, while the nippers did the sticking.


Meanwhile, the same time I was at BICS, MFKiG was kicking off in Lodz, Poland, and I got my first comic story in print. As part of the New British Comics #2 which will be available in English later this year. Big thanks to Karol Wisniewski for asking me to join in.

Here's the first (title) page of the ten of Ragnar's Charm.



Went to the British International Comics Show this weekend (Holmes and Watson were done on the train up there but not successfully posted til I got home yesterday) This view was on the way to my lodgings. More BICS related posts this week I think.

Sherl and John at home.


The Marquis

Guy Davis put my picture up on The Marquis Diableries (26) today. I'm dead happy. Love his work and love The Marquis.


The Fox

Battling with procrastination and distraction, I'm trying to finish this 16 page 'palindromatic' (made up word) story for the Birdsong/ Songbird anthology, it's been a bitter battle so far.