All Nighter (?)

This is a sketch from 2003 of a story idea I had and mulled over from time to time. Before this night is out I hope to complete the strip.

Having spent another day at work on the waves I am knackered but with coffee and carrot cake I will get this done.

I hope.



What Makes Me Tick?

I happily joined in with the Culture Vulture Travelling Moleskine project thanks to Jonathan-E and here's my contribution. The theme for this one is 'What makes you tick?'. I got many of them though now realise I missed out PANIC.



Went past the queue for the Banksy exhibition on monday. It was so big it had it's own ice-cream van and as far as I have heard it's been that busy all the while. Which is just as well as there are now so many Banksy t-shirts, cups and postcards for sale all over the town.

Here's a picture of the queue.



Deadlines are everywhere at the moment, stuff looming, stuff imminent and sadly, stuff overdue (sorry Karol, it's coming!)
So here's one I did earlier, for the fantastic Kirby Project, now Kirby Vision.

A slightly changed top to Sersy from the one I sent Jason as I realised after that I hadn't got her hair-do quite right.



A week later.

Been away a week and am knackered. But while away a couple of big things have happened.

Colin Lorimer's UXB is going out now, and for free! So get in quick. I got to do a Pin-Up.

And against the odds, I got a result in the Draw Parker Contest!! Many many thanks to Calum Johnston for running it (and the blog) and for the fantastic Darwyn Cooke for liking it.

Apologies for a poorly thought out post but i'm tired right out and excited at the same time.


Electric Biroland and flickr

This is a strange one. Encouraged by marcmap on a flickr site that I cannot access any longer I did this, and in biro (tarted up here in pshop). More WJC Flickr here I suppose but it's all old gear.

4 posts today. Me and blog are going to be spending the next week apart. Back the following week for those interested.


Mermaid Trap

Original Diver.

Here's a picture from 1996, before I even saw a computer or Pshop. It's a frogman explorer, drawn and cut out and put in the bath with Mrs WJC (that's her in the background) She said she doesn't often get mentioned here in the blog, well now her picture's here too.

Sharkboy Munching

Found this fella in a 2003 sketchbook, so coloured him in.


Starfish & Coffee

I had never heard this song til today. Then I heard it 5 times in the end.


Wine, tv and pencils, again.

So, been at work, come home, had supper, watched Enter the Dragon and drew. Scanned this picture of Mr Han showing Roper around his opium production. Quite accidentally a 'ghost' image of Williams appeared from the sketch the other side of the page.

Another Panel Rough



Here's one of the first panel roughs to go into a ten page story in NBC #2.



It's that time of year when the Eastwingers get the new brochure ready. If Jonathan's numbers didn't come up yesterday then i'll be relying on my 2009 brochure images to encourage loads of work my way. This year there will also be a new swanky website AND an exhibition in London in september. This may be my piece for the exhibition and then a print for sale. More info on this will follow.