Monkey Business

Jet and The Doctor sat in unspoken agreement that the sooner they sorted out the Monkey Business and got rid of Taylor, the better


From this day in 2005

Despite foul weather and man-eating jelly fish all over the beaches (poisonous anyway) I am still spending all my working time at sea. Posting plans are all to hell, so here's one i did earlier. From a mermaid (and merbloke) story that's waiting to be finished.


G-Force (10)

I found myself with an unplanned day off from 'boat work' today due to Gale Force 9 gusting 10 (around lunch today). Unfortunately, I made little use of this time due to bad organization and poor pencil control. Did get this done though.


Big day for Zookeepers.

It's AmDram day! Album/ release no 3 from Minotaur Shock. The website will be up and about in it new guise today and the 11 carefully and individually valued tracks are available for download.

Good Luck David!


Wet Weather

One of a few pictures that might be in a newspaper on saturday. (The Guardian-Family-The Comic)
I've ended up quite fond of this picture.


La Rochelle Airport (yesterday)

Home again and have the pencils out.