Tag Team Tastic 6th a final round (maybe?)

Bob Etherington and my Tag-Team-Tastic finishes it's 6 part run in The Dandy as one of the 4 strips competing in the Strictly Come Laughing. I have no idea when the vote finishes but there's still time to put in a vote if you haven't, to see who might stay on in the Dandy comic.

6 strips, 6 panels

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Fred Blunt said...

Hope you stay in the lead there old boy!
Nice one :)

Mark Kardwell said...

Will you be selling any TagTeamTastic original art at some point?

WJC said...

It's too lively Fred, I cannot bare to look any more!

I'm getting better at whole pages now but most of this stuff is in small pieces. I'll most likely try and sell some on at some stage but they ain't pretty.