The Flash

This one suggested by James Corcoran.

(i've a ton on at the moment and not much to blog from it, hence the continued DCU)


james corcoran said...

Wow thanks! it looks great and on my birthday too.

WJC said...

Thanks!. Happy Birthday !

dani abram said...

Oh I love it! :D
It's not my birthday but is there a Catwoman coming up!? I need a WJC Catwoman.

Craig Collins said...


If you're taking DCU requests, how about a Bizarro?!

Just a thought, are you likely to pull all these together ala-Potd?

Mark Kardwell said...

I've got a WJC Catwoman. I won it in a competition.

Zatanna next! Go on!

WJC said...

Thanks all, your suggestions are welcome!

Dani, here's a Catwoman from earlier this year


Sony said...

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