iPhone Text Comic

I recently got an iPhone. Obviously it's got a ton of stuff on it and an awful lot you can get for it. My favorite thing so far is the fact that it saves a history of text messages to each contact, so you can re live old text conversations. Or better still,

use the dialogue as a script for a comic.


Jonathan Edwards said...

I love this! It's such a brilliant idea that it's making me angry with myself for not thinking of it. Absolutely brilliant. I actually guffawed.

WJC said...

God its good to guffaw.

Thanks! Try it out, everyone should, they'd be great at it.

Marcos Mateu said...

That's it!!! no more frying our brains trying to make sense of characters, psychological profiles, dialogs and other stuff! :)

WJC said...

Real, actual stuff!! Better than any 'autobio/ day 2 day/ real life' comic 'cos someone out there will have a copy of the actual text in case you felt like 'editing' it.
I just wish I had more than a few weeks to choose from.

IAMO said...