Sea mine/ jellyfish/ tie fighter/ diving helmet sub.

Having worked out a menacing undersea fleet for my Huzzah!! turn, I was pleased with these fella's. Though in the dynamic nature of Huzzah! These chaps may not be seen again or may turn out entirely differently to their initial idea. That is the interesting part.

I'd have 'em piloted by a neferious sailor with goggles and a gas mask.

Also, first 'remote' post. Progress eh!

- Posted on the move.


robward said...

I got me an "Google-Error" when trying to observe your "crime-against-nature" close-up. Maybe this remote control, of which you speak, ain't all it's up-cracked to be. But even-still, going by the small pic, I would copyright the henchman'o'war without delay, it's a keeper.

WJC said...

Ropey camera on the iPhone. In the dark. With wobbly hands.