2009/ 10 and 500

Amongst all this stuff here are some of my highlights from 2009. Which for me got my first comic pin-ups in Jersy Gods 2 and UXB and my first 3 anthology comic strip contributions completed. Angel for Pirat, still MIA, Ragnar's Charm in NBC#2 and Defender's of Albion in the imminent Birdsong/ Songbird. There was a load of other stuff going on and going into 2010 a lot of it still to do. Any unrecognisable characters up there should be revealed this year. And more hopefully.

This is also WJC post 500.


Colin Lorimer said...

Congrats. I look forward to seeing how things progress for you in 2010.


monkeyfeather said...

That is a collage of greatness.

Does having three breasts mean she's more likely to give birth to a litter?

Jonathan Edwards said...

It's going to be a great year, I'm positive! Top work, WJC.

Mark Kardwell said...

Here's to the next 500. Years.

Jason Bennion said...

If there is any justice in the world Warwick this should definitely be your breakthrough year - amazing inspiring stuff as always + Happy New Year!

WJC said...

Hey thanks all you chaps. Very kind indeed.

John, I don't know what she gets up to as I'm not writing that one. But it'll be interesting to see!