Gungle Activites

Been getting back into the swing of things after a funny old fortnight, doing work I can't post and some I can.

Rock Art

Dragon Smashing


Lee Stevenson said...

Warwick what graphic novels have you done that I should be looking for? P.s Love these two pics

Megan said...

that ilustration is so good!

best regards from Miami, Clips - minijuegos

WJC said...


There are some comics in the shop link up top. But last year saw the first GN's with work by me in. The Comic Book Alliance' Spirit of Hope Anthology (2 pages) Blank Slate Books' (magnificent) Nelson (4 pages) And just this last week Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology 2 (6 pages)

These pics are from Gungle out at the very end of this year. Before which, Hunch Parsons, a short form comic will be out in the summer.