Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology 2

I really, really enjoyed SMH' Lovecraft Anthology last year. It's a very strong collection and I was extremely excited to have been asked to contribute to a second volume. Even more so when I saw who else was involved.

Look at that!

Graphic adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories ‘Pickman’s Model’, ‘The Festival’.‘The Picture in the House’, ‘From Beyond’, ‘The Nameless City’, ‘He’, ‘The Temple’, ‘The Hound' and 'The Statement of Randolph Carter’ from an amazing lineup of creators.

The lineup of creators: Jamie Delano, Steve Pugh, Simon Spurrier, Matt Timson, Ben Dickson, Mick McMahon, David Camus, Nicolas Fructus, Attila Futaki, Pat Mills, Dwight L. MacPherson, Paul Peart-Smith, Chris Lackey, Ade Salmon Bryan, Baugh Chad Fifer, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Dan Lockwood.

Edited by Dan Lockwood.

*from the anthology's page on the Self made Hero's website.

Rough of our cover

I have had a few things 'proper published' in the last year and will have books of my own by this time next year (Hunch Parsons as a short form comic and Gungle) but each new publication has had me feeling very much like it's the first. I'm very excited to see how TLA2 is received but pretty daunted at the prospect of again, holding my own with some superb artists and contributers. Mine were just the art duties on the story The Statement of Randolph Carter, adapted by the grand Dan Lockwood who edited the book as well.

Character Sketches

I'm particularly excited to be sharing pages with the brilliant Mick McMahon Who's panels that i've seen have been ace but have had me once again worrying about how my 6 pages will stand.

The book is available from Monday (19th March) from usual sources. Particularly some great vendors who're stocking copies with Ade Salmon's terrific bookplate included (those guys are here)

More notable links include Ben Dickson's guest blog post at SMH here and an ace 'directors commentary by Dan Lockwood, Si Spurrier and Matt Timson at the FPI Blog

Thanks loads to Emma, Doug and Dan.

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