The London Super Comic Con (afterwards)

The London Super Comic Con was on one week ago today. I have never been good with post con write ups and the best way to manage this is perhaps to make it as brief as possible. I did not know what to expect at all. Big names were expected, Mr Stan Lee no less. Some small press had been posted on the website though I didn't see all of the small press comikers listed certainly not me (i may have missed it) Perhaps if they were, they may have had further interest, a few self publishing troops may have chosen to jump in seeing their comrades there. I know a few put off by the 'Super Hero' element that perhaps wished they'd tried after all. (I don't know wether the exhibitors tables were at full capacity mind you)
My main criticism was my first. Walking into the large hangar space, what was notable was that it looked like a large hangar. There was very little signage, flashy adverts and super vehicles etc. It looked very undressed for a SuperCon. The MCM, housed in the same building (larger hangar) has this gear in abundance. It's this convention clash that may account for it too. From what I heard from unsubstantiated sources was that the SuperCon was required to stick to comics only. Which excluded comic video game and comic movie promotion which I guess makes up the majority of MCM's dressing.
I mentioned the scenery was my first criticism, as it turns out it was my only criticism.
The hall filled up with a large number of happy and interested people. Sales went well (better on sunday than saturday which is a Convention anomaly as far as i know) Loads of excellent people who may have come for the Supers but were still keen on the variety of Small Press there.
I suppose my behind the table judgement would be they were Comic Fans, which is a target audience that is not always the majority at certain conventions.

So it was ace.

The biggest and best draw must have been the artists alley. Childhood comic masters Bernie Wrightson and Bill Sienkiewicz where there and i got to shake hands with fellas whose work i'd nicked from, learned from, copied and traced for many of my young years. Sean Phillips and Duncan Fegredo were hard at work which is usual at these things, most often side by side like the Starsky and Hutch of artists alley. Howard Chaykin was sketching and signing too. Many other artist of course, highly successful and with mighty queues but sadly were not on my radar. Most of the artists I saw worked very hard throughout and loads happy punters carrying artwork where seen.

The organisation of the con, I conclude, was excellent. In the respect there were plenty of 't-shirts' about but I, personally never had cause to need assistance, complain or comment.

So, yes, it was ace. Hope it's on again.

One last thing, everyone who bought something from me was entered into a draw to win a commission which I eventually drew yesterday, hopefully Kelly Edwards feels lucky to have won! (she's opted for Poirot art) I must find out what it was she bought!

Man of the Match though was Robert Ball who was Cagney to my Lacey on the table on saturday. Thanks!

One of my A5 Kani drawings sold with the comic that didn't get sold at the con that are now in my shop with some other bits that i took home (still a far lighter journey than the way there)

*UPDATE* Of course the reason (i now remember) that I don't often do post event reviews is that I will always forget allsorts. In this case the patronage of Mr David Hine, always great to meet and he kindly bought stuff too which he's put up on his excellent blog here.

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