Speedo's Rule

Whilst away last week in the wilds of Northern France we went to a piscine. It turns out that the 'no shorts in french pools' legend is true. As we found out as when this lifeguard diverted us shouting 'Non monsieur' and directed us to a lady with a basket full of used Speedo's, sizes 5 years to 75 years. And some as old. Still, breaking my neck on the water slide and losing my kids in the wave machine covered my embarrassment.


Dan McDaid said...


And welcome back, chum!

Mark Kardwell said...

Mmm. Used Speedos.

There's got to be a gag rhyming "speedos" and "paedos" but it's very late.

WJC said...

Glad to be back (though still miles behind) and thanks for the hi res.

I'm half expecting Speedophile to end up broadcast as a legitimate Olympic term before long.