Karagöz Cover by Nadine Redlich

I won't have much new at Thought Bubble this year, still battling through my books (that I'd hope to have ready by TB last year if not the one before!) but I will have some (not many) copies of Karagöz.

Organised by the magnificent Thomas Wellmann and Nadine Redlich and supported by the excellent Rotopol Press this is a 36 page B/W comic zine. With work by 9 amazing creators and me. Other than myself, Thomas and Nadine are; Olaf Albers, Max Fiedler, Rita Fürstenau, Lomp, Michael Meier, Lisa Röper and Andreas Schuster.

'Ahem', i'll also have the remaining interior pages of my strip 'The Black Imps' for sale (this was the cover)

I'll post a link when Karagöz is available online.

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