Here come the drums.

Gungle hunt Part 1 (probably)


pmgl said...

is this taking place after the postapo or b4... nyway i ruuuuealy luuuike thuuus one.


Rob Davis said...

Good to meet up (briefly) at Bristol. Glad Gungle has begun, will there be words? Lovely pic. And the Frankenstein stuff below is great too.

WJC said...

pmgl, Gungle just seems to go, there's no order so far!
Glad you like it though.

Thanks Rob, great to see you very briefly in Bristol. There's usually a rich and resonant narrative to Gungle, some time they'll even be dialogue but for this 9 of 10 parter it's just the drums.

Perri said...

These are all bloody awesome.

WJC said...

Wow, thanks Perri.