Dr Pipe is defeated.

But with the wild and outrageous jazz and chorus of destruction at an end a slightly awkward silence remains between the two heroes.


Duke of Rochdale said...

Warwick, i want to be good like you.

Do you do life drawings to get good or just drawings from your brainbox?

WJC said...

You'll just need to grow a beard, after that it's all easy. (Except when the drawings are terrible)
I haven't done any life drawing for years but i've been trying to get back to it for ages. Where's your life drawing blog gone?

Duke of Rochdale said...

I hid it as soon as i wrote that comment, its not good, i never really got into it at the class. Not enough to see progress that is.

I keep meaning to draw George as he is very watchable and it would be a nice to have a record of him.

I have the beard, i await the powers of drawing to zap me like at the end of Highlander. maybe i should just do some practice!