WJC's Greatest Hits!

I was very very happy yesterday to have my work posted on Drawn! Which is a major thing for me as I visit regularly to see the amazing art people get up to. I've always secretly hoped that I see my stuff up there one day which usually prompts a visit (where i'm reminded that maybe I should practice more)
Today's post is one of those lazy repeat episodes where they churn out the old good bits rather than put up anything new. This top 5 is not necessarily my choice but the top 5 on my GA stats

So from 5 to No,1

#5 Captain Cutler

#4 Kala, General Klytus, Aurora and the Bore Worms.

#3 Wrestler Operation

#2 Michael Jackson

#1 Death Star Graffitti

Thanks to Leif Peng for the inclusion. Thanks to all the people who've been in touch and 'Hello!' to all the new visitors. And 'Big Thanks' to those of you who manage to stop by regularly, you're very kind.


Fran Johnston said...

Ha ha. the star was strip is great and as a new follower of your work I indorse this "best of" post!

Declan Shalvey said...

That's great man; congratulations!

Craig Collins said...

Congratulations Warwick! That's great.

Those are really cool strips, and wrestler operation? That's nuts!

Kyri Kyprianou said...

100 Days in the Gungle was great! Really nice angular drawings, very clever in places

monkeyfeather said...

Well deserved man. I dig your flashback/greatest hits episode too. I wonder what song this was montaged to?

WJC said...

Thank you all.

Monkeyfeather, it was Sweet Child of Mine if I recall correctly.

Anonymous said...

My god, is that really a piece of Flash Gordon (1980)-inspired art? So. Beautiful. Please do more. Please.

Per H said...

At last I found your amazing drawings!

WJC said...

Yup it is Shannon! I'd love to get round to some more, until then they are here

Per, great thanks! Glad you made it.