The Hundredth Day

#98 Amongst the drums a new sound is heard in the Gungle.

#99 Boss Chuba and the Gungle Queens are poised as the new sound permeates the forest.

Here are the 99 drawings from the last 100 days. The big empty one on top is no. 100. To be finished by the end of the day.

-Posted on the move.


pmgl said...

a big cheeeerooooo. Gunga!

bcthree said...

WOOT! congrats as the end is near. or is it the beginning of a bigger adventure???

Jonathan Edwards said...

Excellent work, Warwick. I'll be seeing you at Thing.

WJC said...

Cheeeeerooooo pm says Gungle

bcthree I think it will be.

Jonathan Thanks and cool.