Birdsong/ Songbird Response.

Hooray! We're getting some reaction to our anthology (follow that link if you want to buy it). It got a mention here at MOMB. The Monkey On My Back gang may yet review it on their podcast, fingers crossed! Right now it's on The Forbidden Planet blog, very positive too and I'm very grateful. Also, thanks to Chris Reds Ready who was highly complimentary about the Defenders of Albion strip on my comments a while back.

Thanks a load all you guys, it's very much appreciated. Though my favorite review came from Morris the Mankiest Monster and Vern and Lettuce creator, the lovely Sarah McIntyre. Who, after having read The Defenders of Albion strip for the first time sent a highly complementary email entitled 'Holy Shit!' That made me very happy.

Anyway, 'Defenders' part 2 is being knocked around right now.


Reds said...

Glad you're getting such positive feedback. Well deserved! By the way, not sure if you're referring to me and Mark at Bad librarianship, but if it's just me, my first name's Chris. Although! I do have an uncle called Mark.

WJC said...

Balls, sorry about that Chris. Not really sure where that came from. I'll be better in future.

Reds said...

Ha! No problem dude. You're not to know!

Sarah said...

Ha ha, did I really use such naughty language? XD

Mark said...

Yeah, the strip was heartbreaking and life-affirming simultaneously. The stand-out feature in a great little book.

And I am, indeed, Chris's uncle.