Good Dog Bad Dog

Here's a go at Dave Shelton's fabulous Good Dog Bad Dog. It's the cover to DFC #3 which our nippers love, they think it's so funny so I thought i'd give it a go. If you haven't had a go with Good Dog Bad Dog yet then you should try it out.

My own copy had been hidden by the postman behind a pot outside for several days before he pointed it out to me. Just as well as our our Bad Dog has taken to eating the post as it drops through the letterbox.


Dave Shelton said...

Yay! Fabulous!

And now with improved mayhem. So much better than the original.

Thank you.

WJC said...

Thanks loads Dave! I love these guys, especially drawing them (though the nippers have stashed the book in their domain somewhere)

and don't be daft!

Martin said...

I'm a pleb when it comes to illustration but "great colour and depth" come to mind when i look at that. Hope that's not an offensive comment or too wide of the mark!

n00b x

Jason Bennion said...

Amazing Warwick!