St Patrick's Day Hangover Day

Actually, the nearest I got to a St Patrick's Day celebration yesterday was listening to one Pogues song on the radio on my way home from work. I did remember that I had a bunch of drawings and a sketchbook from a trip to Dublin with college I did 15 years ago.
I mainly went to pubs and the Natural History Museum there which is ace!

Our native tour guide mentioned that Dublin meant 'Dark Pool' (which he said the city was built on) so I went on a one with a load of drawing about a guy who descends into subterranean Dublin to take jars of the Black Stuff from the naturally occurring 'stout spring' that gurgles under the city.

This one's from then

This one's from yesterday (before venturing up the loft) done in a waiting room.


Sarah said...

I love those sketchbook drawings! Such great shapes.

WJC said...

Thanks, it's great rooting through old books. This one had the instruction to self "Get out if your sketchbook"
written on the cover.

robward said...

That purple fella in the middle is worth it's weight in ambergris - you're the king of cocked elbow negative space creation.

robward said...

I mean "its weight..." (thanks Lynne Trus's)

放棄 said...
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