UK Comix Thing

I'll be at the Ukwebcomixthing this saturday and I'm very pleased to be sharing a table with the mighty David 'Tozo' O'Connell'

So I did Tozo for the table

and fantastically, he did Blood of the Gungle Queens

Birdsong/ Songbird will be all over the Thing there as all contributers but Sarah McIntyre will be there (she's in the glorious Highlands for Hi-Ex)

I'll have some Birdsongs and some NBC's to sell, hopefully some various prints, some original artwork (some Gungle still unclaimed!) and I got a box of wjc merch in the post just now.

A3 Gungle Drums print and BADGES!!! Say hello if you go (if you want to)


I'm going through a mighty pile of emails and other sorting out, with a lot of work on it's slow right now. So thanks if you've inquired about artwork, i'll get all sorted asap. Thanks.


james corcoran said...

Thats a mighty fine version, sir. Managed to get a copy of Birdsong in Gosh great stuff all round.

Jorge Forn├ęs said...

Congrats for the jungle Warwick, and for the post in Drawn!
Great work!!

marco's blog said...

wish i could be there, long way from california though