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Front of the Work section

- iPosted on the move.


Jason Bennion said...

Hi Warwick - saw this while flicking through the paper this morning - great piece & a joy to see!

Ade Salmon said...

Great stuff Warwick!

WJC said...

Thanks Ade and Jason.

Jason, did you see this?


I found in an old sketchbook, at BICS i reckon.

Jason Bennion said...

Just saw the link & that's FANTASTIC!!! You’ve captured me perfectly & am honoured to have been sketched by WJC!

When are you putting up the 100days series on Ebay?

WJC said...

This week I hope, probably thursday (the first ten or so) i'll link from here of course. I've not used ebay yet!!

Martin said...

I like alot.
Beverly Knight's let herself go though.