The search for Bunty Holsters

I do not fully understand the workings and mysteries of Google Analytics but I do like the idea that people do visit this site and may even visit by accident (apologies to those who have been looking for 'proper' nude wrestling and ended up here)
What I find interesting is that over 30% of search engine traffic has come from people typing in Bunty Holsters.

If I am misunderstanding what I'm reading on GA please let me know.


Faz Choudhury said...

You're onto something with this 'Bunty Holsters' thing! It's a great name. Lovely work. That thesaurus is still on order.

Sigh, looks like I'll have to go elsewhere for 'proper' nude wrestling.

WJC said...

Thanks Faz, I' looking forward to your Huzzah!! piece.

Sorry about the wrestling.

tozo said...

You're also top of the Google list for 'bunty holsters nude wrestling' which could be worth bearing in mind for a spin-off site.

Rob Davis said...

I love this. I want a book of all your stories. Now.

WJC said...

D/T. Bunty's a proper lady and never seen without her hat and holsters, therefore never nude. Which might suggest she pongs a bit though.

R. I'm afraid most of my stories have a beginning, then a vague middle and mostly no end (hence the blog) Though I'm thinking of a Jungle 'annual'

But calling it Gungle.

Rob Davis said...

If you ever need any endings give us shout. I've got a draw full.

WJC said...

I might take you up on that!