Elka's looking forward to the 4th of Feb.

Because Jersey Gods will be out at last! The waiting is getting unbearable. The only other artist to have had work on this blog (except my nippers) Dan McDaid and writer Glen Brunswick's mixture of Super Beings and suburban romance is only a couple of weeks away.

Still can't wait.


Dan McDaid said...

Ah, I love this so much. Thanks a lot Warwick - it's gorgeous. And really clever too!

When I get a minute, I'll do you some more Elka artwork, if you fancy it...!

Fred Blunt said...

Hi Warwick
Great image!

I've just posted my first blog... not really sure what I'm doing at the mo! I'd like to link to your page but can't work out how to go about it just yet!


Mark said...

I'd just like to make it known on a public forum that I paid way over the odds for the variant cover drawn by Dan. This is all kinds of wrong. Normally when I pay way over the odds for a variant cover they're by Alex Ross or somebody equally famous.

Dan McDaid said...

I'm famous!

...in my house.

WJC said...

I'm dead pleased you like it. And I bloody do fancy it though I expect you'll be a while before you get a minute.

I'm so glad you're joining in. It's great fun.

Was it a duvet cover? (snigger)

Mark said...

I've just deleted a filthy and scurrilous comment about Alex Ross and duvet covers. Now I've failed in my first New Year's Resolution (sobriety), I'll make a replacement one: no more base slandering for me!

WJC said...

I don't think many New Years resolutions last 3 weeks. Congratulations!

Dan McDaid said...

*golf clap*

BKO said...

Oh Elka, how I miss your adventures! When will we see your buxom and intimidating form as you lay waste to those bothersome trolls??