Rapid Rendering.

On friday night, we caught up with a couple of movies missed during the summer. And a flippin' sturdy double bill it was too. 2008 ought to be remembered as a solid vintage for comic movies.
Here's a quick run passed Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.


Mark said...

Yup. Marvel's movies are as fun as their comics aren't.

WJC said...

Now you mention it, i'm not sure i remember the last 'new' Marvel comic I've bought.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Brilliant. Lovely composition too. I like your version of Tony's later suit. I always tend to draw the 70s/80s one.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Also - perhaps you should send it to

Faz Choudhury said...

Beautiful work with lovely colours, really like the use of white space in the last few pics you've posted.

WJC said...

Thanks Jonathan, I suppose it's a mixture of 'old suit' and 'movie suit'.
That's a wild blog though he seems to prefer the solo Iron Man. I sent it anyway.

Faz, thanks! I really like your stuff. Hope Dead Pets Society is going well.