Links Quiz 2

Match the poorly rendered characters to their respective links on the right (again). Have a good rummage, it's all good stuff over there.
No prizes though.

Did you find them?

1. Barock at Dan McDaid's and Jersey Gods Blogs. 2. Professor Skeffington at I Heart Pencils and Feltmistress'. 3. The Vanguard at HUZZAH!! and consequently Faz Choudhury and Rob Davis'. 4. Jet Girl a la Rufus Dayglo and therefore also at Tank Girl.
5. Dredd, again at both Rufus and Rob's. 6. The Sea's wild shadow lady monster at Will Kirkby's. 7. The Hunt Master from Hellboy- The Wild Hunt so at Hellboy and Duncan Fegredo's. 8. Boxhead and Roundhead at Elliot's Sandwichbag. (i'll add his web in a bit) 9. Tozo at Tozo Comic and 10. El Oso at Jorge R Gutierrez.

Like I said, no prizes but it should have been fun.


paulhd said...

totally digging your artwork, awesome Dredd and Zhadira

Fred Blunt said...

Hey Warwick - loved your rollercoaster scene at the weekend!

Mark said...

...and now I just wanna see you draw more Dredd! D'oh!

Elliot Cowan said...

I know some of them characters.

mikolaj said...

realy cool characters man, you are very creative

WJC said...

Thanks all you chaps!

These are cool characters, check out the links to see whose they are.

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...


Jonathan Edwards said...

Hey! It's Professor Skeffington. Cheers, Warwick.

tozo said...

I spy Tozo! Brilliant - is it ok for me post him on my site?