Flag Day No. 1

The bit of Google Analytics i'm sure I understand is the bit which shows you how far people have travelled to your site. At this stage, outside of the U.K. the most visits have been from the U.S.A. and the majority of them (by a slight margin) from California. Here's the California flag by way of a 'High Five' to those visiting from the West Coast. Thanks for stopping by.

Flag Day No.2 next week. Who knows where it'll be.


George Benjamin Conkin said...

how do you color these?

WJC said...

I'd love to tell you it's all pens or fancy brushwork but I make too much mess.
It's all done in photoshop. Textures from photo's or a few scanned ink and crayon paintings and colour from the swatches. I been using a cheap wacom tablet too lately.

George Benjamin Conkin said...

thanks. I figured it had to be photoshop, or something of the like, but was wondering how you were getting textures out of it. Thanks for explaining, ive been scanning most of my stuff and using photoshop and a 12 wacom. I really dig your stuff.