Maybe I ought to keep some things to myself.

He knew he was going to regret swallowing a whole TV but hadn't really considered that they would need to administer Led Zeppelin to get the telly out.

I have pretty much recovered now from the cold/ flu/ Creeping death that killed Christmas (Though have not recovered from my Dr Who special going down the toilet as a consequence which will be redone, some time) Turns out today though, that may have cracked a rib through enthusiastic coughing.


Jonathan Edwards said...

Snap! (That's not supposed to be a rib-cracking sound effect, BTW) Mine turned out to be "muscular or skeletal damage". It'll make for a good story once you're better. Now, excuse me while I go do some more coughing (I'm getting really good at it now).

WJC said...

Mine went with more of 'Grunch!' but the sound was drowned out by me squealing like a girl.