The King of the Jungle Queens . .

. . . . recovers on her forest stump. Smearing invigorating and exotic fruits on her wounds. Preparing to fight another day.


Rob Davis said...


Just realised that you're with Eastwing, I used to be with their 'sister' agency the inkshed.

Have you had anything like this blog stuff you do published?

Faz Choudhury said...

Yuss, it's lovely work. I need some sort of compliment thesaurus thingy for all the great art on blogs I'm seeing lately.

WJC said...

Let me know if you find one Faz, my standard compliment phrases are so 2008.

Matt J said...

Splendiferous! (How's that?) @ first i figured she was carving a surfboard then realized it was smoke!

WJC said...

The Surfing King of the Jungle Queens?

That's a snappy title, might try it out.