"It's CollaGen time again!"

In an effort to put down the fork and spoon and wine and beer and pick up a drawing implement here's a go at Peter Criss. It's to celebrate the fact that I was given a ticket to the KISS Sonic Boom Tour next year. Our tickets get us inside 'The Golden Circle' at Malma Stadium, though I dread to think what that entails.

Last minute Cold Gin/ Collagen gag superseded any Crissmassy jokes which is just as well as The Cat and The Space Ace are only there in make-up as Peter and Ace are no longer with the band, again .

Happy New Year! If this is the last today.


Mark said...

When I saw the thumbnail for this in my RSS, I thought, wow, that's the most insulting cartoon of Michael Jackson I've seen all year. Then I read the text.

I won tickets in The Mirror to see them in Belfast on their first reformation tour, which would have included Criss and Frehley, but then they figured out it'd cost too much to transport their lighting rig over, and canceled. The Mirror rang me to offer me replacement tickets to see Def Lepard, so I told them to fuck off.

WJC said...

Don't blame you. Did you not get the monetary equivalent?
Saw Ace Frehley's Comet at Hammersmith in my youth, so he's already ticked off the list.

Happy New Year!!

WJC out for 2009.