Bad Drawing Day Decision

Today has been a stinker for making any headway with the projects on the go. So progress has been stimulated by deciding to join in the Hundred Days Project. I plan to get through til March 10th producing an A5 or 6 image per day. By the end I'd like to flog the lot to raise some cash to publish some work. I reckon i've got a lot about that could go into a book. It should not interfere with the many other 'on the go' jobs and a small drawing can be enough to get the 'pencil engine' going on the crap days.

Thanks to Rob Davis the subject will be Gungle.

Here's the first, Tribe of One on a lofty limb.


james corcoran said...

An admirable endeavour and if it means more Gungle , double plus good!

Rob Davis said...

*Stands and applauds*

Can't wait to see where this takes us. And you.

WJC said...

Me too! Most likely daily one offs til my jobs get worn down but it'll turn into something no doubt.