Comica/ Observer Graphic Short Story non entry.

Again I missed the deadline for the Comica/ Observer Graphic Short Story. Actually I missed it twice this year as they extended the deadline. After a shark mad night last night I'm prompted to get this out. A panel of my four page plan.

Check out the contenders and winners. There is so much great stuff there that having a winner seems beside the point. I hope the get collected n some form.


Nelson Evergreen said...

Me too.
That's a lovely panel. Any chance of getting the rest of it finished for next year's comp..? ;)

WJC said...

I'm hoping to finish it sooner but the rate things are going . . . . . ?
I think they only had 2 pages in last years, 4 this year. It'll be better to come up with something new that fits their remit than change a planned thing to fit. And this one is pretty restricted as it'll be a slightly unusual page layout.

de aap said...

I love this panel.
Your work often reminds me of the work of the Dutch illustrator of childrens books Philip Hopman. Are you familiar with his work? He's great.


Miklós Felvidéki said...

Is this a contest only for British people? Maybe next year I'll try my self.

WJC said...

Thanks De Aap, I hadn't seen Hopman's stuff before, worth a good look.

Miklós, had a look at the old entry form and it syas it's open to UK or Republic of Ireland residents but check this out for updated competitions, I've yet to try one but am constantly planning to try