100 day project, Drawing 2.

The Coconut Robot

So after the kids got to school and did a 12 hour shift, I got home and put pen to paper for the first time today. Done in one go, no rubbers, no plan, not great really but I suppose this is how the hundred day thing will go. It's not going to get in the way of stuff on the go. It also won't be a day to day feature on here, most likely a weekly round-up or something.

Anyway, he is still The Coconut Robot, autonomous Gungle dweller.


pmgl said...

gungle on the go. will follow each row.

robward said...

You got a luvverly bunch of coconuts.

EclecticBox said...

Looking forward to the daily (or weekly) dose of Gungle!
I'm glad you've joined the 100 day project! 100 days of goodness!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Excellent. 100 days of goodness.