Sort of a follow up from yesterday. Where I showed my sketchbook progress. I always liked the way drawing come out in sketchbooks and translating them to 'artwork pages' often upsets some of the character of the line or drawing. I don't really manage whispy lines well, more sort of a stab at the page. But i DO do underdrawing.

Here are the roughs lines for the Vampire Whorehouse spread, thinking and planning while drawing.

Then I stick the Layout Pad page over and build on it from there. I've piles of layout pads and marker paper pads for bringing sketches out of sketchbooks for finishing, easily best for short deadline commissions.

Vampire Whorehouse dps for NBC#3

But 'freefall' drawing is great if i'm feeling bold and often the results are more satisfying. Gungle thumbnails, in the main are around 3cm for a page then go straight to paper, sometimes in the bin but thankfully not often.

This A3 Forty Apes drawing on bristol board went this way, though no thumbs and Underdrawing free.

Though i'm saving for a lightbox, that looks fun too.


JP said...

Ack! awesome. Thanks for explaining

Nik Holmes said...


Ah, a lightbox, I used to dream of a lightbox. Used to masking tape my paper to the window when I needed one, long, long ago when apple macs were beige and I used an amiga to colour pics.

monkeyfeather said...

Awesome stuff man.

John Welding illustrator said...

Ah, Sweet layout paper... (looks away towards window wistfully).

Vampire Whorehouse looks very cool. When and where can I get a copy when printed?

WJC said...

Thanks all you fellas!

Nik I'm currently using an upturned pyrex dish on my lap with a lamp between my feet! Tried the window method too.

John NBC#3 could be being printed right now, out later this month according to it's editor. I should have some in my shop.

Kristian said...

Amazing insight into your process. Thank you for sharing . Wonderful drawings by the way.

Scott Garrett said...

Amazing talent, amazing drawing skills. Long admired your stuff, happy to have found your blog. I've never been a comic man, but through the love of good drawing i always seem to end up hanging out in blogs that all have the comic scene vibe. Man, i've been hanging with the wrong crowd, ha!
I got a lightbox, but then preferred just using thin'ish copier paper to work from and only getting a vague line to guide. The lightbox sometimes makes it hard to see the 'feel' of the line you're drawing. I used to use a sheet of glass A3 across my lap with the lamp. Hot nuts and a few slices, but it kept me 'quick'! i had a piece with rounded edges which worked best.
Great stuff, i'll be back for more. Talent, talent, talent.

WJC said...

Much appreciated Kristian, cracking work yourself there, thanks for the visit.

Scott, you are incredibly kind. I really enjoy visual storytelling so i'll always be drawn to comics but here so many illustrators, animators, artists etc to find in the blog world, it's an amazing thing.

Looking forward to trying a lightbox, I could work faster and improve ink work. Though I agree it's a stranger sensation than drawing on to a pile of paper surface.

Nelson Evergreen said...

That's bloody awesome, Warwick. Great to see you back for another NBC. Good to see behind the scenes, too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey WJC, would you ever consider selling your layout pencil sketches?

WJC said...

Very much obliged Nelson, you not in?

Robert, yes I have. There are a couple left in the shop (top right) they'll be more up too. After the weekend's Spexpo.
If there are any that interest you, email me.