New Swag

Some newish swag i'll be selling at SPExpo tomorrow.

WJC Comic #1 (catching up with WJC Comic #2) and contains Angel and Metal, both previously published so not new strips.

Variety pack for a short while has 6 Gungle postcards, 4 badges and a Sweary Bear and Hot Dog sticker.

Some Kani Fancy packs, which includes a Kani comic, A5 original art and A BADGE!

Also my usual gear; A3 Gungle, Kani and Passenger of the Day prints, assorted A4 prints, Birdsong and NBC comics, postcards and original art (most likely)


Miss A. Nash said...

Oh Hi! :) was very cool to meet you yesterday, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday! Thank you for sharing your cake with us! love April x

WJC said...

HELLO! No trouble sharing my cake, hope you guys did well, see you at the next con?