Dandy Day Again

Hey! Dandy week three and Tag-Team-Tastic is hotly contesting a place behind a voting option that is Not In Use.

If you like the strip let me know but if you don't like it, let me know too! Next time I could do it different

I enjoyed doing it very much and very much hope to continue.


Dave Shelton said...

Darn it, it'll only let me vote once. What kind of democracy is that?

Nik Holmes said...

Rest assured you got my vote, that 'Not in Use' is a tired cliche of a strip in my opinion.

WJC said...

ONCE? I've yet to be allowed!

But 'Not in Use' 's familiarity does seem to be winning the voters!

Wayne Thompson said...

I've also casted my vote and i must say your work is a pleasure
to look at:)

WJC said...

Thanks Wayne, I haven't yet (it won't let me!)