The Marquis

A few years ago I did fan art for the superb Guy Davis' superb Marquis Diableries. I love his work and really enjoy (in a grim way) Inferno. When I was recently asked by the greatly talented Graeme Neil Reid to draw a Marquis piece, I jumped at chance and very happily sent the art to Guy Davis who seemed to like it enough to post as my second appearance in the Diableries.

This all cheered me up no end.

Coincidentally, having been away from home these last few days, I return today, to find delivered, a pile of B.P.R.D issues to catch up on. More cheer.


Nik Holmes said...

Can't beat a nice wedge of BPRD.
Looking forward to your strip in The Dandy tomorrow, hope it's a hit.

monkeyfeather said...

SO awesome man. I should take a stab at this character at some point.

It will pale in comparison to yours though.

WJC said...

Nik, thanks man! I'm getting quite excited now!

John, go for it! you'll do a cracker!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

This looks awesome!

WJC said...

Thanks Octavio!