MCM Expo Part 3 of 5 or 6 (the blue nude lady)

This is clearly not going as smartly as planned and before I inevitably run out of steam I need to mention there will be people and things I will miss out. I don't mean to and I will get around to blowing their trumpets in due course.

This blue cosplady was my pick of the cosplayers when quizzed by Mike brandishing his microphone and Den of Geek badge. In actual fact she may not have been my favourite after all. The best cosplayers and indeed the best people there that weekend, were the two lovely ladies who bought stuff from my stall on saturday then again on sunday, you are smashing!

Fantastic artists and creators that I saw all too briefly and didn't get a chance to properly pester were Celine Choo, Cliodhna Lyons and Gary Northfield I look forward to catching up with you chaps another day.

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