Demented Divers continued.

This wasn't my next planned stop on this train of thought but having typed 'demented divers' this morning I remembered Amsterdamned. A film about a demented frogman gruesomely sneaking around the canals of the city, seen here sneaking into a restaurant kitchen to slash a chef.

It saved me an expensive shopping trip for wine and Bioshock but we did go out and buy a big crab.


de aap said...

Amsterdamned? I didn't know people outside of hollnd knew that "masterpiece".

When I was in highschool we got a presentation on how movies were made from a famous Dutch soap-actor, who plaid the diving policeman in Amsterdamned. But even then I didn't really like the movie. The idea of a scuba killer on the loose in Amsterdam is pretty cool, though. Nice piece!

WJC said...

The idea was great. To be honest I don't remember much else of the film but it stood out amongst monster/murder movies I enjoyed as a teenager.