Blog Life

The world of blogs is a grand place. I am currently under the weight of day jobs, kids birthdays, projects on the go and, on occasion, drawing for money. However, great opportunities arise to join i with some grand ventures. Draw Serge must be visited often (i'm in there a month or two ago)

Mentioned earlier here, is Coops ode to Frankenstein's monster blog where I converted my original drawing to inking over a colour printout, maybe an ideal solution to my colour fears.

Exdrawminate is a Dalek loving celebration presented by Darryl Cunningham. His Psychiatric Tales are superb and The Streets of San Diabolo is a brand new favourite.

My 'Dalek Cow and Pups' may not have lent much to this great endevour.

Finally the opportunity to win one of Darwyn Cooke's hardcover copies of The Hunter (it would be great to get one, i'll buy it most likely) I joined in at Calum Johnston's blog.

Blog life is grand, check out as many as possible, starting with those here and on my link list.


Gerald said...

Wow! Great perspective on that last one

Jason Garrattley said...

Lovely work, as usual.

I'd like to invite you to take a look at my blog, The Kirby Project, which is dedicated to artwork inspired by the art and concepts of Jack Kirby.

It would be fantastic if you could find the time to contribute.


WJC said...

Thanks Gerald!

And thanks Jason, I'd love to find the time do do one, i'm sure it's around here somewhere!

Anonymous said...