I have never played Bioshock, always fancied it but daren't spend any time on video games as I could end up losing those precious hours earmarked for drawing and wine. I do love a good undersea realm though. And a good Demented Diver (see Captain Cutler below) So I thought i'd give this guy a try. Not the Big Daddy I know but great looking menace.

In pen found under one of the nippers beds while insisting they tidy up. Coloured in Pshop.


Duncan Fegredo said...

Nice Big Daddy there, Warwick.

Bioshock was a beautifully designed game, amazing atmosphere at times both in visuals and sound design. May I recommend combining the game with wine, saves some time at least!

Me? Never touched the game, too busy drawing and staying sober of course. Yes.

Duncan Fegredo said...


WJC said...

Shopping list reads;


Game Consol to play it on

A whole bunch of wine

"it's alright dear, Duncan said I should"

Patricia Parayno said...

hey this is very cool, I like your work it's fantastic :D

take care


Duncan Fegredo said...

Hell, do not blame me!

My xbox 360 just died, I guess my art output will now increase... although not really, downtime will be spent in other creative ways... drinking wine till I think I'm in a fps?

robward said...

Nice one, Mr. Bubbles!

I'm off to look under my bed for one of those magic masterpiece pens!