Captain Cutler and Pshop diversions

I found John Struan's Superpunch blog after it directed a mass of visits to the Evolution of Michael Jackson picture I did. I since did this here Cutler as an entry to his Villains of Scooby Doo competion.

There have been several occasions in the past where mucking about in a cackhanded fashion in Pshop has had some interesting results and i'm forever planning to have a look at this business of using the 'cut outs' that layer my these colour images and lose the line that draws them. I entered my Cpt Cutler pic and also this version, which is nice.

Pretty menacing I think.


Dan McDaid said...

Brilliant - love 'em both. Dig the spooky, almost Kirby-ish hand in the first one.

WJC said...

Thanks Dan, it was meant to be looming and threatening in that Kirby fashion. (maybe he had a hand shaking phobia)

Marcos Mateu said...

Love your graphic work! Beautiful.

WJC said...

Thanks Marcos, i've had a look at your art and it's wonderful!