Sketchbook Life

Even on the busiest days there can be time to 'do a page' and it may often be from memory or from life but also it could be 'Detective Hunch Parsons of the Crash City Police Dept with other officers and part of the Bikini Club' and yesterday it was.

Click on it for 'Life size'


Jez Hall said...

Wow! Blown away by your stuff. I love it!

WJC said...

Thanks a lot Jez.I just had a peep at 'Knunk' and that stuff is cracking!

Monkeyfeather said...

I just recently discovered your blog and I must say, I am an instant fan. Truly inspired, appealing drawings throughout.

And bonus, you're funny.

Nicely done. I will be a regular visitor.

Mark said...

Clearly a man who likes to do thorough research re: automatic weaponry.

WJC said...

Thanks Loads Monkeyfeather, likewise.

Mark. Hk MP5= March of the Titans. Mack 10= Crapodiles. Tech 9= You and Lord Curried-Spitfire and the FAL was an Action Man favourite, every day's a school day. (the others where made up)

Mark said...

I blame Action Man, GTA and the Troubles for my ongoing fascination with that stuff.