Hot Pursuit in Crash City


robward said...

Check out the star on that!

If you add Crash City to the ballot, you may find you get a lot of flip-flopping. It certaintly gets my vote.

Fred Blunt said...

I'd be pursuiting her too!
I can't beleive I find a drawing sexy!

Monkeyfeather said...

I like this Crash City stuff. You can get a lot of movement in a drawing just by lifting the wheels off of the ground.

George Benjamin Conkin said...

agree on all three above. Really nice bike too. Awesome pic. Did she rob a bank, or is she an assasin?

Rob Davis said...

Hot stuff! Crash city has me hooked - more please!

Your pics always put a smile on my face.

WJC said...

I've had a rubbish day. You chaps have made it great.
Rob. Let the flip floppers come forward, maybe it'll beat Wrestle City off the top spot.
Fred. I'll send you a pic of her with her wellies off if you fancy?
John. I'm crap with cars and those things, the higher they are the faster they go! that's my motto, so far.
George. she's neither at this stage but the Bikini Club could go any way.
Rob. Much obliged, more to come i'm sure. Baron Kazam 's a cracker.