The subject of childrens books has coincidentally muscled it's way into several conversations/ communications in the last day or so, through entirely separate courses. So I dug out these bits.

In 1995 or 6, I submitted this story for The MacMillan Childrens Book prize. Nobody won that year as they thought nobody was particularly great but they settle for splitting 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes between 10 Commended entries and this was one (1 hundred smackers!).

The drawings are original but I think these chaps got coloured just a few years ago while I unravelled the secrets of Pshop (still a mystery)

One copy of the 'mock book' went to Peter Lord at Aardman Animation where it may be kept in a Raiders of the Lost Ark style warehouse filled with silly stories. Last seen, the originals where rolled up in a carrier bag in the loft.


Fred Blunt said...

Hey Warwick I remember this stuff from way back when... still looks great!

robward said...

Blimey, I just spotted the little fella in that bloke's hat...I feel like a master codebreaker...only less homosexual-and-suicidal.

Bloody dogs, I always suspected they were up to something.

Nice expose!

Elliot Cowan said...

And I liked reading the word "loft".

WJC said...

Thanks chaps.

In many respects it's like the fabled 'Pandora's Loft'