Another 'Parsons' quickie

DAVE McKEAN once said to me "do something new everyday and always finish what you start" There may have been another thirty or more people in the room he was addressing at the time but that's not the point.


mikolaj said...

Very cool illustration man , very good composition, everything is so clear ! i like that ! :)

lee carter said...

hi mate...
good to catch up with you at last years Bristol Con :). Really good to see you
Since then i have been visting your blog daily. I thought I would break my silence and tell you how much i love your stuff. Anyhow your latest work has just been made my new desk top wall paper.....great designs ....as always
all the best mate
ps i remember the Dave mckean lecture at Uni...well i remember he was there :)...dont remember much else of those few years ;)

WJC said...

Thanks Mikolaj, much appreciated.

You too Lee, it was good to see you at Bristol, I've been nosing on your myspace and that stuff is great. I also loved the 'guy jumping into the picture strip' in Digital Arts (?) that was cool. See you at the next comic 'do' maybe? though I won't get to Hi Ex.
Have you checked out Freds new blog?