Off to Leed's Thought Bubble Festival this weekend. This has to be the UK's best comic event, certainly the most universal with the world's finest pro's shoulder to shoulder with Small Press and all in between. Also, the most thoroughly attended as far as us exhibitors go. It is one place that seems to most travelled to by the British comic fraternity/ family or whatever. (though sadly a number of plans have gone astray for probably all sorts of reasons with some attendees and they will be missed, hopefully the ones that can will come back next year)

Anyway. I will be there with a load of discount old stuff. A few new bits, Karagöz for a start, and work from the recent Day of the Dead exhibition. Disappointingly, my main books will fail to show, once again but Gungle is growing and i'll post about that soon.

I will be sharing a table there with the excellent and heroic Robert Ball. We both participated in the Alter Ego exhibition at the other end of this year. He'll have excellent prints with him and also his first wonderful looking comic, Winter's Knight. Day 1. I've been busting to see it.

Robert Ball's 'Winter's Knight' (flipping lovely looking)
So come and see us. We are at Table 10 in The Royal Armouries Hall all weekend.

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floris de smedt said...

any chance you'll be going to angoulême comic book festival this year?